Been a while, lets recap!

Since the last post.

Feb = Lots and lots of treadybear running.

March = First day I was allowed to run outside, I did the woodlands marathon 5k. Instead of doing the marathon like I was supposed to.
BTW it was cold, raining and my leg hurt like hell. But I did it and Quix did the full marathon. The next day we got on a week long cruise! I kept my running up once we got back of the cruise so I would be ready for the 10 mile running race on March 29. Here is the link to 10/20. I was sore after the race, and slower than last year. But very glad I was able to go from no running in January to 10 mile run at the end of march. ( As a note it is the longest I have run since. I am writing this on June 30th.)

April = The start of Tri Training for the season. Although I have been swimming a ton this year, and gotten a few miles here and there on the bike. A chunk of running, I had yet to put it all together. April was the month of putting the pieces back together.  Lots of bricks, or swim bikes, a few put all 3 together. It felt good to get back into that. There was still pain in the knee and lots of icing and stretching.

May = First Tri of the year! Rookie Tri , was a disaster! To start with for my warm up run, I decided to step on a large rock twist my ankle and fall down. Same leg that was injured, I was scared. Came close to tears thinking that that was it and I wasn’t going to get to race. Thankfully when I fell down the medical van was driving by. They stopped, jumped out and gave me a once over. They said it might just be sprained and that I could race, but try not to limp or favor it.
Well that stinks, sore knee and seriously sore ankle now. But we are here they said I could race, so off I go.
Link to Garmin data here.
The race went decently well. I sighted poorly on the swim, but it was short so not a huge deal. The bike went well, I didn’t break any records, but still decent. Then the run, it was painfull, between the ankle and the leg, but I finished. I even pr’d this race by a few minutes.
The rest of May was getting ready for Cap Tex Tri on the 25th. We had some major flooding the days before, so the swim got canceled. Thats ok though, I had an amazing bike and a decent run. Sore leg and very sore ankle. It still bothers me, I might have more than sprained it, or maybe sprains take a long time to fully heal. Cap Tex Tri Garmin data here.
We finished the Cap Tex Tri and went home to order our pizza. A big storm came in about 2 hours after the race ended and flooded all of down town. Where transition was, was under feet of water. So glad the storm held off until after the race.

June: One more race until Off season! PFLUGERVILLE!



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