Almost a year since the last update.

Hi everyone!

Lets see in the last year…

  • 5 Triathlons
  • 2 Marathons
  • 1 Epic week of diving in Bonaire.

The second marathon was in the beginning of march, and once we finished that we decided it was time for a few months off of race training. It is time for body training. I gained almost 30lbs in the last 3 years and I was seeing my race results get worse, even though I was training more. This is going to be the time where I will try to get back to race weight. I am focused on my calories in vs out. Trying to make sure I don’t exert myself to much so I can avoid the “run-gries” or the “swim-gries”

The goal is to walk at least 10k steps a day, and try to ride my non race bike around the house a few times a week. Quix and I had signed up for a few races that we will do, but we wont be “training” for them. We will just show up and see where we are.

Swim Challenge and Austin 10/20

I expect we will add Lake Pflugerville tri also before we start to really train up again.

I have set a monthly calendar reminder to come update this once a month or more if I can.


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