Status update: Weight so far

I wish I could remember how hard it was to lose the weight last time I did a diet like this. Back in 2009 then in 2012 ( as you can see at the bottom of this post.)

Here is my averages over the last 7.5 weeks.


I remember I only snacked on frozen veggies and ate decently small meals. I was drinking vodka or whiskey once in a while, and keep it to a minimum. I was working out a bit more than I am now, but now I am walking 5-8 miles a day instead of weights. But I am trying to get weights in at least twice a week.

I haven’t weighed over 200 since the second week of March, and I am averaging 189.1 this week, but that’s only due to a dehydration weight low that will skew it downward. (One night I decided to drink dinner instead of eating it.)

Dumb status update is dumb. I am sure I will be better in a month. I was just hoping to be at the 185 level by the time I go on vacation in 10 days. That way I wouldn’t have to work so hard while on the cruise.

I decided to update my Weight over Jobs picture, and now its Jobs + sports + injury. I have been tracking regularly on SparkPeople for about 8 years now. You can see a few lapses in there. Enjoy visualized data.



2 thoughts on “Status update: Weight so far”

  1. Hey, progress is progress and you’re doing better than me :). You’ve lost 7.5 lbs. Neither of our #projectraceweight adventures are going as planned, but we’re going in the right direction. I was hoping to be under 180 by the cruise. That is NOT happening.

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