Oops… I signed up for another race!

Indoor Tri 2012
Indoor Tri

So on Tuesday I made a post on Healthy Living Austin (Its a Facebook and Garmin community that I help run.) asking people what their goals were for the month. And one of the members, and old co-worker said he was doing his first “Ironman indoor triathlon” weekend. I was just a little confused, then I remembered that the owners of Ironman, WTC were going to buy/sponsor the lifetime indoor tri series.

Lifetime Indoor Tri segments
Lifetime Indoor Tri segments

At first I was like hmm, lets put the IM logo on anything and make money. But then I thought about it a little more and I think its great. People associate IM with the 1 race a year that gets televised, Kona. If any fans out there wanted to get into it, putting a IM branded event at almost every lifetime gym across the country will just bring more people into the fold.

So with that, and wanting to go support a friend I signed up for this weekends Ironman Lifetime Indoor Tri. This will be my 3rd Lifetime Indoor tri. If we go back to the way back days It was my 4th tri ever, then about my 10th I think. I will have to figure out what one this is later.

Indoor tri 2013

I had a short run scheduled for Sunday anyways, so I guess this will just be a short tri instead with a little more effort and I get to support a friend in his first triathlon event.