So whats been going on?

We got some Mountain Bikes! ( this has been on the list since last summer.) These ended up being a great deal, this years model of the bike was about $599.99, and we rode them and really liked them, but didn’t want to spend quite that much. The bike shop said they had some of last years model still in boxes in the back and that they were supposed to build them and put them on sale that day. So for about $175 each, we got last years model of the bike we both really liked. SCORE!

We went out to Circuit of Americas and rode bikes on the F1 Track!

6 days of camping in the pop up over 4th of July! This was really an amazing trip. It is the longest Leah and I have camped together and it was wonderful. The new camper was amazing, so good that I was able to sleep until noon almost every day. We splashed around in the springs, I rode the mountain bike around the property a few times a day. We read, painted played games and I cooked about 15 meals. The place was Krause Springs and I would suggest going there to camp anytime. It was a very well taken care of camp ground.

Work moved from 3 miles away from the house to 14 miles by car. Somehow this ends up only being 11 by bike! I am near a window again at work, so that is nice. It looks across the street to a small park with a fountain.

We have been exploring the area around the new work office. I have a decent 15 mile ride that is easy to do after work now, but am looking to extend it to about 20 miles. We did get caught in a heavy downpour and took shelter under some trees. It has been a blast to explore a new area and to ride on Hairy Man Road.

A few longer bike rides. By longer bike rides I mean in the 20-40 mile range. The El Diablo Poker Dash was a solid 100k, and it took some effort. I got 2 flats that day and it was only a feels like 105 at the end. My hand wasn’t great with a jack high and pair of 7’s.

We cleaned out the side yard to make room to put the pop up there. Thank goodness for bulk trash day. We had 10+ years of our own junk back there and some stuff from the people who lived at the house before us. But its all cleaned out and we moved the camper from the front driveway to the side yard. (apparently we can get fined for having it in the front drive way, but only if someone complains.)

Last weekend I went fishing with my dad at Winkler Park in Temple, and I caught 2 fish. It was really nice to just get to sit and fish and talk to my dad for 4 hours. It has been since 2001 since we got to spend quality time fishing like that.

We are getting the home office picked up a little more. It is a big project. A few years ago it was almost completely done, but then it somehow get turned into a junk/box room again. Its getting there as you can see by the picture here.

The guest room is getting re organized as a result of moving a book shelf from the office. The work out room is also getting re organized due to moving the book shelf from the office to the front room, to make room for the sewing stuff to go in the office. No picture, but just saying, if you try to organize 1 thing in a house your SO is guaranteed to make it a whole house organization by the end of it.

The shed was built yesterday and will soon be painted. We will be moving all the camping stuff into the shed + some bikes this weekend. We purchased it about 7 weeks ago, and it has felt like an eternity to get it here and built.

Up next:

  • Jacks Generic sprint tri, in town.
  • Hotter than Hell 100, 2 nights pop up camping.
  • Pop up at the beach for family vacation, 2 nights pop up camping.
  • Kerrville sprint tri, 2 nights pop up camping.
  • Livestrong 100 mile ride, in town.

That might work to catch people up. No A races until Jan ’18, so everything in the list is just for fun.

What fun crazy things have you been up to?


Running Gear!

I will update this post as I update my running gear.

2013-04-14 10.25.34


  • I use a Nathan Handheld Bottle Carrier. It lets me use just about any bottle that I have clean, and it has a pouch on it to hold keys and some gels. ORIGINAL Purchase price was about $20. So look for a newer model that is about that price.
  • For bottles that I run with my favorite ones are my Nuun Bottles. They are the right size and I like the little grippy bumps on the top section. You probably wont want to spend the going amazon rate on these. Just look for something in the same size and texture.
  • As for what to hydrate with, that is a fun one.
    • Gatorade is the old stand by, but sometimes it is more or less than you want.
    • Nuun is what you want if you don’t need the calories from your drink, but want electrolytes and flavor. My favorite flavors are
      • Citrus Fruit
      • Grape
      • Tri-Berry
      • and the now discontinued Iced Tea
    • Skratch Labs, this stuff is great, but a little expensive depending on where you get it. It goes down nice and clean, no after taste, but can be super sticky if you get it on yourself. It has calories and electrolytes.
    • GU Hydraton Drink Mix, also good, but I find it does have an aftertaste. But if you are out running 4-5 hours, you might want to have it in the mix just for a variety of flavor.
    • Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack, this has been in use for about 5 years now. I take it on any runs where I will be out of the way of water stops and over 6 miles.


Here is the list of my staples. I will occasionally toss something else in, but these are in use every week.

  • GU gels, I could not function without these when the mileage gets up there. There is a huge variety of flavors and they have a decent selection of non caffeinated to highly caffeinated gels depending on my needs. Note that is a difference in price when going from regular GU to Roctane. I find I like the roctane more in the summer when I am sweating more.
    • Salted Watermelon – Lightly caffeinated is my favorite caffeinated one. Not too sweet. I buy it buy the case 3 times a year.
    • Lemonade Roctane – No caffeine, heavy on the salts. Great when its super hot out. I also buy this buy the case about 3 times a year.
  • Cliff Shots, These are like GU, but they are a bit thicker and their non caffeinated versions come in different flavors. I am a huge fan of the vanilla, it is the easiest thing I have ever found to eat while running. Its easy on the stomach, no after taste and is good hot or cold.


When running before the sun comes up, or when its setting or down, it is important to have some sort of lighting solution. 1. So you can see where you are going and 2 so others can see where you are. Don’t get hit!

  • Headlamps, I don’t have this exact model but something similar. I suggest getting one that has a always on mode and a blinking mode.
  • Shoe Lights, I have Night Runners, and they are fantastic. Not only do they provide me with some great ground cover for my lighting, but they make it very easy for people to see me when running down the road.
  • Arm Bands, I have a few of these from random events that are all different brands. They have shown that the more lighting you wear at night while running the less likely you are to get run over. (DUH) But a key to that is not just a bright light, but something that shows the movement of legs arms and a torso. So that at a distance they see multiple lights all moving.
  • Clip on lights. If I am running long with my camel back I like to put an extra light on there. The one I have linked is similar to the little red one I have.


  • Hat/Visor, just get something wicking and comfortable. I have probably 20 hats and visors now since it seems quite a few races give them away. Some are better than others I would just say try them out.
  • Sun Glasses, I have XX2i glasses and I have loved them. I have a sunny lenses that is your normal sunglasses style and I have replaceable yellow lenses for days when it is overcast or going to get dark, but I still want eye protection. Here is a link for a free pair!
  • Headphones, this will depend quite a bit on your ears and what device you use to play your music. I personally use CHEAP Bluetooth headphones for any runs that are 3 hours or shorter, and then some not so cheapo wired ones for marathon 5+ hour runs.


This is going to be up to you and your feet. I can tell you I run in…

  • Brooks Glycerin shoes for the last 3 years.
  • Hoka Bondi shoes as my long run shoe last year. I am about to get a new pair for this year.

Socks! I probably have more than I need but I find I like different socks for different distances.

  • Short distances socks (8 miles and under) I like are Puma all sport socks.
  • Medium distance socks ( 8 to 20 miles) I like to wear Nike running socks. they have a bunch of types. I like the ones that are a bit longer on top for medium runs and have extra arch support.
  • Long distance (20+ miles) I wear compression socks like this.


  • Wear what feels good. I like to have shorts with some built in underwear, the best is the Nike 5 inch compression legs built in. I can’t fine a link right now, and I have only seen them a hand full of times, so when I do see them I buy as many as I can.
  • For cold running I own a few pairs of various mens running tights. Thin to thick for those 40f days to the 20f days.
  • Tops in the summer is almost always a tech t or tech tank top from a race I have done. I don’t really buy tops anymore just use what I get from races.
  • Tops in the winter are long sleeve tech tees, tech hoodies, and running jackets.


  • Garmin 920 XT, thsi is the best all around TRI watch out there. It lets me track running, cycling, swimming, weights and rowing. It might be overkill if you just run, but it is a great device for me.
  • Garmin HRM Run, Great Heart rate monitor that also does some running dynamics for you. It will not only get heart rate, but cadence, left right balance, vertical movement and ground contact time. Very good information to have when you are trying to look at improving your cadence stride or overall pace.
  • Garmin HRM TRI, same as above but will also take Heart rate date while swimming.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, music and what not.

That is it for now, at least for my list of the things I currently run with.