Happy MARCH!

Well the first 3 races of the season have come and gone.
In Jan we had 3m, then the Indoor tri.
Feb was the Pace bend ultra, 6 hour bike race.

Next up is at the end of march the No Label Triathlon at the no Label brewery in Katy TX.

3m was fun, I got close to my pr, but I wasn’t really trained up for it. I was sick most of December.
Indoor Tri was a blast as always, I ran faster than my friends.

Then Pace bend ultra there were 3 guys in my age group, and 1 didn’t start so I got an automatic silver medal as long as I finished. Woohoo second place of 2. But I did well I rode 1 less lap than last year and had a great day jut riding with Quix the whole day. We got to take the camper out for this one also, and it was really nice to have the pit stops be at the camper.

When we head out to Katy we will also be taking the camper, but we won’t be able to stop mid race at it. I mean as a sprint tri that would be bad anyways, but I have a feeling for any long bike race/ride from now on we will make sure the camper is somewhere on the course. It was so nice at hotter than hell, then again at pace bend ultra.

If you remind me to post more I will try to.
We have lots of little out of town trips planned for triathlon this year and staying in the camper, so hopefully I will do at least 1 update a month.

Have fun everyone and say hi if you see me out on the road!