Training Week 2 : January 14 – 20

Rinse & Repeat, then add a little extra!

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Training for the week:



  • Weights 30 – 50 minutes
  1. leg extensions (weighted squat, weighted step up, or weighted leg press)
  2. Standing bent arm lat pull down (at the big corner machine at the gym)
  3. Hip extension exercise you didn’t pick in #1
  4. Chest press or pushups
  5. Seated row
  6. Personal weakness (hamstring curl, knee raise – quads- or calf raise)
  7. Slanted abs with a twist holding a weight
  • Swim 30 – 40 minutes


  • Morning Trainer Ride (Zone 1) 30 minutes
  • Lunch run (Zone 1) 3 miles (Leah substituted for the elliptical)


  • Repeat Monday


  • Repeat Tuesday


  • Day off


  • Brick
  1. 30 min HR zone run test (10 min warmup, 30 mins hard, cooldown)
  2. Recovery Swim…. 20-30 minutes
  3. Easy trainer ride – 45 mins


  • Day off
  • Batch Cooking day

Joel notes:


Well week 2 went well for me, 2 solid lunch runs, 2 great morning bike rides, and the weights started to feel less like “I hate this so much” and more like “I really can see how this will make me stronger.”  Tuesday morning ride was our 30 minute threshold test on the bike so that was good to get new zones for the bike, then Saturday we went to the track, well 2 tracks 3 times to get our run threshold test in. That was fun! I thankfully realized I left my running gloves on top of the car when we left track 1 and drove back to pick them up off the ground a few blocks back and then Leah forgot her HR monitor and we had to go back and get it but we got it done. Later on Saturday we went to the pool up at sun city and did our laps there. I swear the pool was a good bit longer than the one at the gym. I will measure the gym one again this weekend to check.

While on the bike this week we watched the new “A-Team” movie and it ended up being perfect for 2 30 minute bike rides and a 45 minute bike ride. The movie itself was a good summer action movie with lots of explosions, and impossible stunts. Fun to watch and it was good enough that I could pedal fast and not think about it.

In the pool for music this week I listened to Moby Hotel, the second cd in the set, that is just the ambient versions of the songs. Not the “best” to listen to but it worked. I think I need ambient with a beat more than just ambient in the pool. Next week I am trying some music with lyrics.

The run test showed that I had my zones all too low. I was able to raise my zone 1 hr max by 5bpm, and my overall threshold up to 171. I ran almost 4 miles in the total 45 minute test and was good with that since it included warm up.

I will copy in all my stats later in the week. It seems that site is not providing good links now.

Leah notes:


It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks.

On my nice list are weights.  While I still can’t bring myself to add that third day, I’m making some great progress lifting heavy twice per week with everything else.  I have raised the weight on most of the exercises and stuck with 20 reps.  My weights are thus: squats 105lbs, pulldowns 40 lbs, leg press 180 lbs, chest press 17.5 lb dumbells, rows 60 lbs, calf raises 70 lbs/hamstring machine 50 lbs, and I’ll be working on the reps on the situps and perhaps progressing to the incline instead of flat before increasing weight.

Also on my nice list are the trainer rides.  I’m totally enjoying speeding through an action movie with lots of explosions.  My threshold test netted me bike lactate threshold of 165, and I was able to maintain an average 28.9 mph pace with effort, but never close to dying (14.45 miles in 30 mins).  That means I can jam up to about 145 on zone 1/2 rides, which is actually fairly challenging for me to max.  I’m sure once I start riding outside this could go back to my naughty list but I’m looking forward to taking my bike to the Veloway (closed 3 mile circuit with minor hills) and seeing how fast I can fly for a few miles.

On my “undecided” list is swimming.  I have had some great moments where parts of the stroke just clicks, some efficient fish moments.  However, some parts of my body don’t want to get with the program and I am still struggling with some parts of my stroke.  I know I can go faster.  Faster isn’t going to get me more efficient.  So I’ll continue to do my 1050-1200m of waking up each part of my stroke 10 laps at a time with drills, and not worry that I feel like I’m going to get lapped by everyone three waves behind me at that pace.  I did improve from topping out at 1050 to 1200m in 30 mins, so there is that.

On my naughty list is my heel.  It prevented me from doing 2 out of 3 runs this week (I spent the 30 mins on Tuesday and Thursday on the elliptical with my HR solidly in zone 2).  It is what it is, and I want too deal with it NOW.  I can justify missing zone 1 short runs, I want it to be healed by the time that’s an hour of speedwork or a long run that I’m missing or slogging through in pain.

Back to the undecided list: I did the 30 min track test on Saturday (10 mins warmup, 30 mins at the top pace you could maintain for 30 mins, cooldown – take average HR for the last 20 mins of the hard pace and that’s your lactate threshold HR).  That’s also on my undecided list.  It was simply AWESOME to see my body go to 175 HR instinctively, anything below that and I could speed up, anything above that, it was the pain zone and I had to slow down quickly to maintain.  The bad news is that 175 BPM was at just under 10 min/mile pace.  That should not be the case.  But, it’s a starting point.  Also, the track did not abuse my heel so YAY!

Also on the undecided list is nutrition.  Feeling fully fueled for workouts? Check.  Lots of high quality food?  Yep.  I did better on this than I may have ever done before.  My diet quality score was 17 average out of 32 (and last week it was 11).   Body fat dropped 4%?  Affirmative.  Measurements going down or staying the same? Indeed.  However, the two things I can’t deny: my weight went up this week, and I ate more calories (an average of 125 more per day).  I’m going to stay the course with this – there is so much going right that I can’t deny this plan is doing SOMETHING GOOD – it’s just disheartening to see a gain two weeks into a new program that you are rocking.

Next week, it’s more of the same.  I’ll do my 1000m swim test for time Saturday, I’ll be back to lunch runs if my heel holds up, I’ll keep rocking the trainer, upping the weight and the reps this week on strength sessions, and continue to eat as much good quality food as possible while eating as little low quality food as possible.  Two more weeks of this schedule and then it’s onto Base #1 phase, which could mostly be subtitled with “if some zone 1/2 work is good now, a LOT of zone 1/2 work is great!”


Motivational Monday: Sticking With It

Leah here.

We all know the story.  You start with this great idea or plan.  Perhaps you’re going to finally lose the weight, once and for all.  Perhaps you’re training for your first triathlon.  Perhaps you’re going to finally learn how to knit.  Your course is determined!


You start out SO! EXCITED! and gung ho and full of motivation to climb this mountain.  You’ve cleaned out your pantry and bought healthy groceries with lots of organic meats and fruits and veggies and whole grains, finally bought that bike, or finally got your bag of knitting supplies out and on the couch instead of in storage like they have been for the last 3 years.  You are set up for success and ready.  You have a map, a plan, a compass, and you’re ready.

You eat your veggies and fruits like a champ.  You start your first week of training and you’re out there doing it.  You get out those needles and yarn and by golly you’re knitting again.  You are in motion!  You are sailing the high seas of goal accomplishing, and you are heading straight towards your target.

Then, it inevitably happens.  Here comes the storm.  You attend a party, and fall face first into a plate of cake (that’s the only explanation of why you ate it, right?) and a bag of doritos.  Your alarm “forgets” to go off, and you miss your morning training session.  Your cat tears apart your almost-finished scarf and breaks one of your knitting needles.  You, dear adventurer, are off course, and have some choices to make.

When you voyage on a boat, you certainly don’t find yourself lost and drop anchor in the middle of the ocean and stay there.  If you see obstacles, you make a plan to avoid them instead of waiting to collide with them.  If you hit something, you patch up your boat as quickly as possible and bail the water out so you can keep going.  Makes sense, right?  You certainly wouldn’t sabotage your boat… what good would that do?

So why don’t we do that with our goals?  This is the 21st day after New Years Day, which means that the majority of “Resolutionaries” have given up.  The gym is starting to thin out.  McDonalds drive through lines are as crowded as normal.  Most of our goals are somewhere between the closet and the trash.

And it’s not as if these resolutionaries are making conscious decisions to give up.  They’re not turning back to shore and saying, “nope, that eating healthy is a mistake, back to crap for me”.  They’re simply drifting in the middle of the ocean, having lost momentum towards their goal.  Perhaps they hit a rock, and decided that patching up the boat is too hard and they don’t feel like it, and are just letting the water swallow up their S.S. Hopesanddreams.  Perhaps they set out one way, and got a little turned around, and now are lost and floating aimlessly.

Since it doesn’t make sense to just give up and float in a journey, how does it make sense in life?  Yet, today markes the day that most resolutions die.   Now, it’s not to say that giving up on some dreams is a bad thing.  I have dreams I’m actively not pursuing because they conflict with my priorities and you only have so much time and give-a-care in each day.  While I would love to write a novel and be a rockstar and paint oils again, I realize this is not realistic with other things I’ve taken on.  However, if you’ve made a resolution, it’s most likely that you had some care and passion for this THING.  It’s not an idle want.  It’s a thing you very much desire.

So give me this.  Start again NOW.  Not tomorrow.  Right this moment.  Get your fruit and veggies.  Go for a swim.  Stop by the store and get more yarn and needles.  Give it a full month.  That’s right – if you’re sick of it by February 18th, go ahead and abandon it.  However, you need to do two things to feel good about this:

1) Give it your all for that month.  No drifting.  Bail out the boat.  Get around the obstacles or bail water quickly if you hit them.  Actively steer your ship towards your goal.

2) On February 18, you have to consciously give up.  You have to admit to yourself, “Self, this is not the direction I want to go.  I am turning back to shore/changing course to <insert new goal here>.”  No drifting here either.  It’s a choice, not chosing due to a lack of one.

I’m not impervious to this.  Perhaps I’m writing it this week because it’s the motivation I need to hear.  My training is going well, but some sessions are really frustrating.  Trying to figure out my food intake, diet quality, and training fueling is definitely an art, not a science, and it’s an art I’m far from perfecting.  While my body fat has gone down and my lean body mass has gone up, my weight has gone up a bit and that’s generally not encouraging 2.5 weeks into doing all the right things.

But, I’ve set my course.  My sights are set on rocking Buffalo Springs 70.3 in June with the best body composition I can achieve between now and then.  I’ve got Joe Friel’s triathlon training plan as my map and Matt Fitzgerald’s endurance athlete eating plan as my compass.  It’s success or bust.  I’m all in.

Let the journey begin.