Oh back when it was warm and we were in Cozumel for the 70.3 and diving.

Here are a few videos I made of our Cozumel trip this year with the 360 cameras. Started out with the Nikon Keymission 360, but it flooded on the 3rd day of diving so the rest was with the Samsung Gear 360 v1.

Video 1 is the hotel grounds. Shot with both cameras.

Video 2 is a cool little place we went and had lunch at with friends.

Video 3 is shore diving at night from the hotel.

Here is boat diving with Dive Paradise

This one I am proud about, it was night diving where we found a bunch of squid. They show up around minute 7.

The 2 best ways to watch these would be

1. in a vr headset of some sort so you can be part of the action.

2. with your cellphone and full screen. Sit on a swivel chair and move all around to see everywhere.


Hope you enjoyed them.